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Capabilities which are not exercised will diminish.

The capability of teams to manage a crisis is not deployed frequently as it is only needed on rare and in exceptional circumstances. 

It is important to schedule realistic  discussion based exercises (seminars workshops desktops) to ensure your team's capability.

In supporting your move - from where you are - to where you need to be, we tailor our project to align with your culture - our conversations are designed to engage with your people. Sometimes this gives rise to a gentle, awareness raising rehearsal - and as your capabilities grow it is more likely to be a more rigorous desktop exercise. At all times it is professional, respectful and discrete.

Click here for an outline of our approach to the design and delivery of scenario based exercises. (706 KB PDF file)

Discussion based exercises - seminars, workshops and desktops

Scenario based exercises vary in scope.
Where your organisation is exploring the value of developing the crisis management capabilities of your senior team(s) - or there is value in bringing new members up to speed - a straightforward introductory seminar may achieve the required objectives (green dots in table below).
This can generally be done working remotely with your nominated representatives by email and phone - with a webinar seminar by video link to follow up on the initial work with your team. The option to conduct the seminar face-to-face can always be considered as a variation if required.
As scenario based exercises become more complex - involving other stakeholders; and in some cases sensitivities which benefit from face-to-face contact - the objectives are better achieved by the methods listed in the table below against the "orange dots" - ramping up to the "red dots" for the most complex scenarios.

The most effective way of meeting your needs starts with a conversation focused on scope.