It is important that such opportunities are undertaken professionally, respectfully, with discretion and in confidence.

Our tried and proven approach uses structured techniques which pick up learning at all levels - for the organisation and for individuals.

Click here to explore one of our structured organisational debriefing examples. (PDF 698 KB)

A crisis is both a survival requirement and a learning opportunity.

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Organisational debriefs vary in scope.
Where your are reviewing the management of an event, an incident - or indeed, a complex circumstance which put the organisation under significant stress the specific matters under consideration will vary - but the methodology of 'debriefing' need not vary. Hence the use of a structured methodology.

This can generally be done working remotely with your nominated representatives by email and phone - with a webinar seminar by video link to follow up on the initial work with your team. The option to conduct the seminar face-to-face can always be considered as a variation if required. If the incident under review is complex - involving other stakeholders; and in some cases significant personal and political sensitivities, it is beneficial to use face-to-face contact for the seminar.

The most effective way of meeting your needs starts with a conversation focused on scope.