When supporting you to ensure you are asking the best questions, we apply the "Double Diamond" approach which builds powerful engagement with our clients and provides a quality framework - ensuring discipline and accountability.

"In all creative processes a number of possible ideas are created (‘divergent thinking’) before refining and narrowing down to the best idea (‘convergent thinking’), and this can be represented by a diamond shape. The Double Diamond indicates that this happens best when it happens twice - once to confirm the problem definition or scope (Design and Development ) and once to create or implement the solution (Conduct and Evaluation). One of the greatest mistakes is to omit the left-hand diamond and end up solving the wrong problem.(Design Council, accessed 2018)​​

Click here for a more detailed description of the Double Diamond methodology. (PDF file 266 KB)

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Specialising in plansreviews and discussion based exercises before crisis - and debriefs after incidents.

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John Salter's Disaster Resilience Consulting™ - a globally available risk consultancy - applies an approach respected since 1987 for  "preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm".

(Reference: Barrister Hugh Selby in The Inquest Handbook on methods used by John Salter)

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