Business Impact Assessment Tool

For reviewing and revising particularly sensitive or complex plans, the most effective way of meeting your needs starts with a conversation focused on scope.

Disaster Resilience Consulting - Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management

Business Continuity / Crisis Management Plan writing can vary in scope.
We might be helping you develop a plan from scratch or we might be improving on one you already have.

In both cases, the process involved is the same - and is highlighted with the green dots in table above.
This project can generally be done working remotely with your nominated representatives by email and phone.

Our entry level offerings are available for immediate commissioning by clicking here.

The option to conduct more complex planning activities face-to-face can be considered as required.

The approach used for our Fiverr® offering can be seen on pdf here.

The "requirements template" for our Basic Fiverr® offering is avaliable here.

A video outlining how to use the "requirements template" for our Standard Fiverr® offering is available here.